The initiative “NEWBAUHAUS@POLIMI. Designing the New Normal” aiming at supporting people to become owners of the GREEN DEAL through the participation and co-production of solutions that respond to daily life challenges in this “new normality” due to the pandemic.

NEWBAUHAUS@POLIMI is strongly based on the values of interdisciplinarity and the possibility of a new aesthetics that combines design, scientific and humanistic skills, making “sustainable life more attractive”, in the firm belief that “what is necessary can also be beautiful”.

NEWBAUHAUS @POLIMI calls its community for the development of a HUMAN CENTRED approach to the design of the environment, the city and territorial landscapes, products and services in order to integrate the Green Deal in the best possible way into the daily lives of citizens.

POLIMI wants to share the most recent and relevant knowledge produced in the areas of Design, Architecture and Urban studies as a scientific basis to support the development of the New Bauhaus initiative, through three streams of activities:

Stream 1: gathering a diversity of professionals and disciplines in generating ideas: The POLIMI Schools of Architecture and Design are launching educational initiatives (courses, studios, workshops, thesis, projects) that shares with the NEWBAUHAUS@POLIMI contents, goals and approaches. The initiatives are interested in codesigning ideas for the future of the European Green Deal; in developing sense of ownership and awareness through its concrete materialization in new services, environments, products, spaces; in reconnecting pleasant and beauty with everyday people life and in including marginalized and fragile persons to become active actors of the Green Deal at the local and EU levels.

Stream 2: identifying inspirational projects, practices or concepts for the New European Bauhaus initiative

Departments of Design, Architecture and Urban Studies and Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering present the most inspirational research projects where remarkable results and concrete impacts have been produced, focusing on:

  • new forms of production and consumption that underpin the transformations linked to the development of the circular economy paradigm;
  • social and responsible innovation and new forms of citizen engagement under the co-creation paradigm, which foresees the involvement of citizens and stakeholders in facing challenges that both state and market are unable to address;
  • new business models and new forms of entrepreneurship based on creativity to address the implementation of the Green Deal;
  • social Inclusion, urban regeneration, cultural heritage.

Stream 3: engaging with citizens to discuss and collect expectations on the qualitative transformation of living spaces and associated life styles. POLIMI commits to integrate the academic social responsibility programme POLISOCIAL with the New Bauhaus key concepts and to coproduce the New Bauhaus with the citizens of Milano, the local and the EU stakeholders through its “Off Campus” hubs in the city.