NEB Festival 2024

Polimi @ New European Bauhaus Festival 2024

The Second Edition of the New European Bauhaus Festival took place from 9 to 14 April 2024. Core activities took place live in Brussels  with captivating Satellite Events spanning across the European Union and beyond.  Some of these events took place also during the week from 15 to 21 April 2024.

Organised by the European Commission, the initiative brings together people from all Europe to discuss and shape our future, one that builds together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls. In 2024, the Festival centred on the theme of Resources for all, exploring subtopics such as shelter and living environments, land and water, fashion and human well-being in light of the changing environment.

Politecnico di Milano joined the Festival with several and exciting initiatives both in Brussels during the Fair and in Italy with several Satellite events.




Sustainability Roundtables @ Politecnico di Milano 

Location: Brussels – on-site 
Date: April 9-13

Politecnico di Milano proposes to exhibit the Sustainability Roundtables project at the Fair because it is central to achieving sustainability goals. Politecnico di Milano’s Strategic Plan 2023-2025 articulates its goals in four major “pillars”: people, education and learning, research, and social responsibility, and promotes the Strategic Sustainability Plan accordingly. The aim is to foster the widespread dissemination of good practices and innovative initiatives to generate ideas at the right balance between innovation and feasibility. Managing innovative sustainability processes and projects is entrusted to a vast network of structures and offices that support university activities on social, environmental and economic sustainability. 

ReFLOAT-ER Building Resilience in Flooded Territories 

Location: Brussels – on-site 
Date: April 9-13

The Emilia-Romagna Observatory is a project of the department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering – Politecnico di Milano. After the extreme flood events on May 2nd and 17th 2023 in the region, the Observatory is set up to conduct a multi-disciplinary and multiscale investigation of recent calamitous events in Emilia Romagna, offering a diverse range of technical expertise to contribute at various levels by empowering public engagement through a Convention between the department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering – Politecnico di Milano and the Municipality of Modigliana, 4300 inhabitants, 101 square kilometers of foothill territory located between Faenza, Forlì, and Florence, over 100 active landslides and a completely compromised road system part of a wider Municipality Union. 

CRAFT/ Competence and Research center for Anti-Fragile Territories 

Location: Brussels – on-site 
Date: April 9-13

The program, developed at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies – Politecnico di Milano, devotes its efforts at exploring the many and complex processes of fragilization of the space-society relationship, with reference to Italy and Europe, considering it in terms of exposure to an array of different risk factors: environmental, social, economic, political and institutional. Fragile territories are home to extraordinary human, landscape, cultural and environmental resources, and if supported by new projects and place-based policies, they can offer economic and social benefits for all. 

CRAFT is the organizer of the Workshop “Introducing CRAFT Competence CenteR AntiFragile Territories” which took place on April 11th at 12:00 pm, in the fair area of the NEB Festival 2024.


The initiatives of the Laboratorio Nervi: a showcase of European students innovations in the regeneration of 20th-century concrete architecture 

Location: Politecnico di Milano, Lecco – Physical record 
Date: April 11-13

The event will offer the opportunity to explore a specially curated temporary exhibition featuring projects undertaken by European students on various architectures by Pier Luigi Nervi, which are currently in a state of limited functionality or abandonment. In parallel, guided tours of the permanent exhibition will be available, showcasing a selection of 12 of Nervi’s most acclaimed works in Italy and abroad through original drawings, scale models, and photographs

Experiencing Mykolaiv

Location: Online 
Date: April 21 

Link: Experiencing Mykolaiv – LABSIMURB (

Grounded in the exp-EIA© 4P methodology, merging architecture and psychology, this NEB event maps and compares perceptions of Mykolaiv districts to foster dialogues on urban regeneration. It includes an initial online survey and a subsequent remote presentation of outcomes. The approach promotes inclusivity and sustainability, aiming to provide valuable insights for urban planning and design from a person-centered perspective.

WHY IS ORTICA BEAUTIFUL? An experiential walk to explore biodiversity in Ortica neighborhood

Location: Milan – Physical Livestream with dedicated online space to showcase the project during the festival 
Date: April 15
Time: 14:45-17:00

“Why is Ortica Beautiful?” is an experiential walk aiming to understand the perception of urban biodiversity by city users and enhance its recognition in Ortica neighborhood in Milan. What is the shape of biodiversity in this part of the city? How much is it recognized and appreciated? How can walking practice be used to map and experience biodiversity? These and other questions constitute the starting point of our walk. 


Location: Politecnico di Milano (Leonardo Campus), Building 13 “Trifoglio” – “Spazio Vetrato” (Ground Floor), via Bonardi 9, Milan
Date: April 15 
Time: 14:00-19:00

Link event: Inclusion and well-being through space design

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A dynamic exchange with leading experts and innovators from diverse fields to explore the future or workspace design. This event will offer a transdisciplinary lens, merging insights from design, sociology and psychology, with a focus on fostering inclusion and well-being trough space design. Thought-provoking discussions with researchers and practitioners will transcend traditional boundaries and help participants to discover holistic strategies to transform work environments at every scale.  

BIPV @ Politecnico di Milano

Location: Politecnico di Milano, Aula Magna, Building 1, Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, Milan – Physical livestream 
Date: April 16
Time: 08:45 – 13:30

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The events will be a round table in which a best BIPV practices will be discussed. Moreover the PV tile developed within the HEART (Holistic Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit) project, coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano as part of the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Program sponsored by the European Union, will be shown. 

Walking with Water: Exploratory Walks across Evolving Waterscapes 

Location: Torino, Milano, Cesena, Firenze, Castelfranco Veneto (TV), San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Senise (PZ), Genzano (PZ), Napoli, Palermo – Physical
Date: April 13-21

Link event: program

Link website: Walking with Water | laboratorio (

“Walking with Water” is a cycle of 10 experiential walks promoted by the Laboratorio del Cammino research network. The aim is to guide participants to reflect upon the contested nature of water in diverse rural, urban, and periurban landscapes and experience different typologies of landscapes connected to water, examining how it can be interpreted as a resource for both human and non-human subjects, and can nourish the habitats and ecosystems that these subjects inhabit. 

Shaping sustainable innovations through Design practice

Location: Fabbrica del Vapore, in via Procaccini, 4, Milan. – Physical
Date: April 16-21
Time: 11:00-19:00

Shaping Sustainable Innovations through Design Practice is an exhibition aiming to promote social, environmental, and cultural sustainability through collaboration between designers and other professionals in a transdisciplinary logic. The exhibition brings together a selection of projects produced by students in the Integrated Product Design M.Sc. (Politecnico d Milano – School of Design), which aim to give a new sustainable shape to resources, behaviour and ecosystems. 

Dialogues on Milan: City as a Common Resource

Location: Milano – Politecnico di Milano, Leonardo Campus – Building 13 “Trifoglio” – Physical
Date: April 18-20
Time: 9:30-16:00

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Three days of activities that will bring together the main NEB partners of Milan to discuss the current state of Milan in terms of accessibility to tangible and intangible resources, facing the following key questions: is Milan a city that provides and makes resources available to all? What are the initiatives and projects in action? How can institutions collaboration contribute to the values of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion? 

Living for all. Temporary, innovative, sustainable living.  

Location: Lecco – Physical record 
Date: April 18-20

Living for all. Temporary, innovative, sustainable living. Visions for the goals of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) in the final thesis project of Building Engineering/Architecture study program. School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering – Politecnico di Milano.

Between mountains: the “Wine Garden” of Europe 

Location: The events will be spread across the territory of Piana Rotaliana Königsberg (PRK), located in the Province of Trento (North Eastern Italy), and encompassing the towns of Lavis, Mezzocorona, Mezzolombardo, Roverè della Luna, San Michele all’Adige, and Terre d’Adige – Hybrid Livestream 
Date: April 18-21

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The Satellite event is a fragment of the experimental project for the innovation of “The Most Beautiful Wine Garden in Europe,” which is part of the strategic development plan of Trentino Province in charge of the PRK and Dolomiti Paganella Tourist Board from 2021. The project is structured around 3 thematic pillars to reconnect and strengthen the existing threads in the territory: Renewed Aesthetic for the Wine Garden; a Doubly Sustainable Project; an “Accessible Cultural Landscape” for All. 

Ardeth #12 – KEY WORDS
Presentazione della Rivista #12

Location: Politecnico di Milano, Aula T.0.3., Edificio Trifoglio, Via Bonardi 9, Milan.
Date: April 18
Time: 12:15

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Il nostro presente propone al progettista europeo, attraverso il New European Bauhaus, le tre parole chiave: beautiful, sustainable, together. La domanda alla quale il numero 12 di “Ardeth” prova a rispondere è come possiamo usare queste tre parole chiave nel modo migliore possibile. In particolare, come non abusare delle soste che ci offrono per comprendere la complessità degli usi che significano, prima di passare con troppa fretta dalle parole ai progetti e, in ultimo, dai progetti agli artefatti che costituiscono niente di meno che lo spazio dell’esistenza umana quotidiana.